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   Full-length complementary DNA (FLcDNA) clones are important for gene functional analyses, gene annotation and determination of transcriptional start sites, so they serve as a resource for functional genomics. Indica and japonica are two subspecies of Asian cultivated rice. Indica varieties have dispersed throughout the tropics and subtropics from eastern India, whereas japonica varieties moved northward from southern China and developed into temperate ecotypes. Transcriptome comparison between indica and japonica will lead to the discovery of molecular mechanism for phenotypic difference and will make impact on rice molecular breeding.

   Oryza sativa L. indica Guang-lu-ai 4 full-length cDNA resources

   Indica rice full-length cDNA database (Guang-lu-ai 4) is developed by the National Center for Gene Research, Shanghai Institute of Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences and maintained by the National Center for Gene Research. Currently, it contains the information of approximate 21,960 unique 5'ESTs and 10,081 full-length cDNAs.

   Oryza sativa L. indica Ming-hui 63 full-length cDNA resources

   Indica rice putative full-length cDNA database (Ming-hui 63) is developed by National Key Laboratory of Crop Genetic Improvement and National Center of Plant Gene Research (Wuhan), Huazhong Agricultural University, China. Currently, it contains the information of approximate 27,130 unique ESTs and 12,727 putative full-length cDNAs'5'ESTs.

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