As the advance of the sequencing technology the sequencing information plays a more and more important role in the genetic research. Rice, as one of the most important crops in the world is subject to many sequencing studies. There are a lot of microarray data and sequencing data in the public databases such as national center for biotechnology informatin (NCBI). But it's often beyond common researcher's ability to extract useful information from the raw data. A lot of sequencing data are also available for both the landrace and the common wild rice (O.rufipogon) strains. The data is often too big to be processed on a single personal computer (PC). There are literature reports for the detailed function of about 600 genes in rice, but it's difficult to summarize them as they scattered in the published genomes. There are several databases that are devoted to a special kind of the information. There are databases devoted to the microarray analysis and comparative genomics, but so far there is still no databases that integrate all this data. It's quite useful to integrate all the data that it can be easily searched and interpreted by the genetic researchers to facilitate the Rice genetic research.

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